Resistance: Podcast 49

Resistance: Podcast 49


I have resistance. You have resistance. We all have resistance. 

Today’s topic is inspired by a spiritual friend of mine who recently went through a hard time – as we all do. 

There is something she wants to happen and has been waiting on, and since it hasn’t shown up yet, she got really frustrated and had a bad day.

I can certainly identify. 

I think we all can.

We want something so desperately that all we notice and can seem to focus on is it’s absence from our lives. 

I can offer a personal example. 

If you’ve listened to any of my previous podcasts you’ve probably heard me talking about my day job. 

I’m currently a retail manager looking to run my own business full time. 

Though I’ve been working to get my business off the ground, the time I’m required to spend at my day job sometimes hinders that.

My belief is that visualizing my dream and acting “as if” it has already come true will bring it into my reality, but some days it’s difficult to keep such a positive mindset.

When I’ve worked a double shift and come home so exhausted I can barely think about dinner, much less what to do for my business, I can get depressed and wonder if I’ll  ever get there.

What I’m facing in this situation is resistance. 

I’m resisting my present state, i.e. fighting against it, because I want my desired state so much. 

In NLP, we call this the crisis stage. 

We can’t help but notice the lack of whatever it is we want because we don’t yet have it.

Still, the way to get it is to release that resistance. 

“But, Jeannie,” you might be saying, “I know what I want and can’t seem to get to it. How do I reach it?”

Or, maybe you’re thinking, “I know I’m experiencing resistance but I don’t know how to release it.”

First, relax. Like I said we all have experienced resistance, and it’s perfectly normal.

Second, take a deep breath and know whatever you want – whatever your desired state is – it’s already on its way to you.

The Law of Attraction teaches that getting what we want is all about getting into alignment with that desire.

In other words, to get want you want, you need to do three things: 

  1. Picture what you want in your mind’s eye.
  2. Using your five senses – sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch – imagine how it would be to have what you want.
  3. Fill in your grid. Abraham teaches that to bring your dream into your reality, you need to feel the emotions of how you’ll feel once you already have it. 

If your dream was to come true right now in this very moment, how would you feel?

For me, my predominant emotion is relief. 

Once I’m able to leave my day job and go into business for myself, I’ll be able to make my own schedule. 

I’ll be able to decide exactly how I want to spend my day rather than being told how to spend my day.

So for me, I fill my grid with emotions like freedom, relief, strength and empowerment.

I can add other positive feelings like security, safety, euphoria, joy and the like, too. 

Since my business is all about helping others follow their dreams, I also add emotions like fulfilling, meaningful, good, etc.

I repeat these emotions out loud and make sure I actually FEEL them for at least 68 seconds – per Abraham’s recommendation.

This puts me in alignment with what the Universe or God wants for me.

And since I believe that God/the Universe works for me rather than against me, that reinforces that overall lovely feeling of alignment.

Resistance is that yucky and sometimes even painful feeling of “It’s not here yet!”

But if you’re willing to put yourself in alignment on a daily basis – especially at the start of your day – you’ll bring your desires to you much faster.

This is called manifesting, by the way. 

In Law of Attraction lingo, manifesting is getting what you want.

And truly, whatever it is that you want is because you believe you’ll feel better once you get it. 

As my mentor Kelli Cooper says, “All you’re ever really after is a feeling.”

And the cool thing about feelings is that all of them are a choice.

Life Coach Brooke Castillo would say that your feelings come from your thought about something. 

So if I think of my day job as a huge pain in my ass, then guess what? I’m going to resist that day job.

The problem with resisting my current reality is that it feels really shitty to do so.

If I can feel good in my day job, even though it’s not my desired state, then I reduce my resistance and bring my desired state closer, faster.

Was it difficult to try to feel good in my day job?

Yes. But it’s been well worth it.

I used to dread going to work every day.

I used to resent the time it took away from my business building pursuits.

But then I realized how much resistance I was creating.

I want to leave my day job, but by creating all that negativity and resistance, I was actually blocking that outcome from coming to fruition.

Now that I’ve removed that block, new ideas and inspiration come to me daily.

Ideas on what I need to do creatively and business wise now come to me so easily and frequently that I’m getting traction for the first time.

In two months time, I went from an email list of only 4 subscribers to a list of 95.

While that may be a drop in the bucket compared to those entrepreneurs making millions, that’s still an increase of over 200%!

And to me, that’s a fantastic start!

I’ve been continuously blessed with ideas for blog and podcast topics, and recently, I was inspired to both take a certification course and also to create an online course of my own.

Every time I’ve needed to develop a new skill – creating a podcast, blog or online course, for example – I’ve been led to whatever information I need immediately.

It’s just a reminder that I’m not on this spiritual journey all by my lonesome, and neither are you.

If we can just be patient and trust that whatever we need will come to us in due time, we can release any and all resistance that might be blocking our dreams.

This knowledge and understanding is so powerful!

Instead of dragging myself up out of bed to go to work, I now put myself into alignment by appreciating all the great things about my job.

My job has taught me the skills of patience and reading people.

It’s taught me how to communicate more effectively.

It’s brought me into contact with wonderful people I’d have never met otherwise.

It’s provided me with the financial means to live.

It’s taught me how to manage my time and how to manage and teach others. 

My job is a blessing. 

But when I was resisting being there, I didn’t appreciate that fact. 

It feels so much better to be in alignment with my job, even though I’m looking to leave it, because I know I’ll be able to leave it very soon.

It’s all in how you choose to look at your life – what you want, what you already have and what you’re grateful for – that’ll allow you to reach your goals. 

Does that make sense? 

If not, leave a comment or drop me an email at

I’m here to help!

So look at your dreams. 


Are you resisting your present state?

Do you feel yucky instead of good?

If so, try the three steps listed above and let me know how they work for you.

Need more help? Sign up for a free coaching appointment here. 

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