Seek and Ye Shall Find: Podcast 7

Seek and Ye Shall Find: Podcast 7

Seek and Ye Shall Find


When we’re kids, we seek many things. 

We seek friendship, time to play, and our parent’s attention. 

We would seek out new information about subjects that fascinated us. 

We’d play hide and seek. 

And usually, we would find whatever it was we sought. 

Most of us learned how to seek what we wanted effectively. 

We learned how to be nice and win friends. 

We learned how to play games and get our parents to pay attention to us – even if that attention was negative.

The same is true of us as adults.

What we seek, we find.

But sometimes we forget this truth and how it can work.

Because the whole “seek and ye shall find” is a great way of describing the Universal Laws of the Universe. 

Laws like the Law of Attraction and the Law of Cause and Effect explain that what we focus on expands. 

It gets larger.

So if you’re seeking joy and happiness in everything you do, then that is what you’ll find more of in your life.

That’s what most of us want, right?

So why do bad things happen?

Wars and drugs and corruption and death. 

Tragedy and sorrow. 

Accidents and cruelty.

Why do these things happen?

Well, my belief is that there are no accidents in this life.

To me, everything is there to serve some purpose. 

I believe the Universe or God or Source or whatever name you give divinity is always loving us and always working for us, never against us.

So I believe some of these things happen to show us our own paths to happiness:

  • Maybe we lose a job because a much better job or opportunity will show up once we do. 
  • Maybe someone breaks our hearts so we can find our true soulmate.
  • Maybe we receive a diagnosis to alert us to a change we need to make in our lifestyles to better support good health. 

I also believe that some of these things show up to give us contrast – to show us what we don’t want so we can choose what we do want:

  • We don’t want pain
  • We don’t want illness or injury
  • We don’t want war
  • We don’t want drugs
  • We don’t want others to suffer
  • We do want peace
  • We do want joy
  • We do want satisfaction 
  • We do want fulfillment 
  • We do want love
  • We do want prosperity 
  • We do want success
  • We do want understanding 

That is the Law of Polarity at work. Check out my podcast on the Law of Polarity here.

But an important thing to remember is that the more we focus on a thing – anything – creates more of that thing.

This is why I no longer watch the news. 

But “Jeannie,” you may ask, “how are you going to know when something urgent happens?”

My answer is that I trust the Universe to tell me what I need to know. 

Anytime that I’ve needed to know something that would directly affect me, I’ve always found out. 

Whether it’s avoiding a bad traffic accident or being aware of a dangerous weather pattern, even though I don’t watch news or subscribe to news apps, I am always alerted to the problem.

So me needing to be informed of urgent matters has nothing to do with me watching the constant negative bombardment we call the news.

Because I don’t want the things constantly covered in the news to expand.

I don’t want the economy to be in the toilet.

I don’t want to hear about a leader – ours or another country’s – doing or saying something horrible.

I don’t want war or missiles or attacks. 

So to keep those things from expanding, I focus on things I love, find beautiful, and find uplifting.

So I help when I can.

I walk or jog in nature a lot.

I look up at the incredible magnitude and hugeness of the sky.

I visit the ocean and rivers and stare out at the natural rhythms of the water. 

I walk into stores and study pretty things I like.

I admire beautiful cars, amazing buildings, and the kindness I see in others.

I focus on loving my loved ones and on being as compassionate as possible. 

I focus on the peace that I can always locate deep within myself.

Because what we focus on expands. What we seek, we find.

That’s why I practice awareness and gratitude throughout my day. 

I’m thankful for my soft bed, for fresh drinking water, for my ability to take a hot bath.

I’m grateful for my health, for my body, for my job, and for every penny sitting in my bank account.

I’m grateful to have the best husband in the world, who is so compatible with me, and is my soulmate. 

I focus on love, on openness, on gratitude and on receiving because what we focus on expands. 

And when something enters my periphery that I don’t enjoy, I either avoid it or do my best to tune it out.

And if we could all do this, all “bad” things would pretty much have to disappear.

That’s the law. 

So for anyone who wants more love, greater peace and prosperity, I say this.

Focus on the things in your life that you like, enjoy and love. 

Be grateful for them. 

Let those good feelings fill you up to capacity. 

And more of those things will come to you. 

Try this tiny experiment:

Choose some thing that you’d like to see more of – in the Secret movie, a guy choose a feather with very specific markings. 

I recently tested this out my choosing to see bluebirds. 

And I don’t mean any bird that’s blue, like blue jays or any other bird that has blue on it.

I meant the brightly blue-colored rusty-chested Virginia bluebird.

So at first I saw pictures of a bluebird. 

I’d look down at an old quilt with vegetables and flowers on it I hadn’t used in a long time and saw – you guessed it – a bluebird.

Then, a shopper in the store I work in bought a set of towels with bluebirds on them. 

Then today, as we were going to the movies, I saw the real thing in a neighbors yard.

And please understand. 

Although I see lots of birds here in Virginia – everything from robins to crows to cardinals to seagulls – I very rarely see a bluebird. 

Right after that, we went to visit someone we hadn’t seen in months, and right there on the hallway wall…

Yep, a painting of a bluebird.

So I ask you to take this challenge. 

To ask the Universe to show you something specific so you know it’s not just a random occurrence.

Pick something, then look for it.

Give yourself a month or two and see how many times it shows up.

This will help prove to you that you can receive what you’ve asked for.

It help grow your faith in the Universe. 

And it will help you laser focus in on what you really want because you’ll start to believe it can really happen for you. 

What a beautiful gift! 

So now go out there and look for the good and beautiful.

Look for the proof that’s there.

Seek and ye shall find. 


So you need more help finding what you’re looking for? Sign up for a one-on-one coaching session with me for free!

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