Sharing Part 1: Podcast 22

Sharing Part 1: Podcast 22

Sharing from the Writing in my Jammies series: Part One

Today, I am sharing from my four book Writing in my Jammies series.  

These ebooks are all about helping you feel happier and find more success. I’ll be sharing little excerpts from each book, which explores personal development and the Law of Attraction.

Today, I’ll be sharing from the first two eBooks in the series. Then I’ll follow up with the last two next time. 

Now I wrote these ebooks a year ago, and what I’ve learned in that year is pretty staggering to me. I’ve changed my mindset so much. 

What I find fascinating is the way I see the wisdom and basic information I wrote then. 

The words didn’t change but my perspective did. So what I’m sharing with you today are the words I wrote then coupled with the growth and new perspective I have now. 

From chapter 1:

“…happiness doesn’t come from being published. It doesn’t come from a job. It also doesn’t come from *ducking head* money. You know what else? Though I love my husband to pieces, total happiness doesn’t come from my marriage or relationship either. 

We think it does. We invest lots of time and energy on those beliefs.

But it’s not true. My happiness comes from within me. And your happiness must come from within you.”

How To Feel Better: No Illegal (or Legal) Substances Required

A year ago I understood these words intellectually. My mind understood the rationale behind them. 

What has changed over this past year is I’ve begun to really believe these words. The Universe has provided me with examples. 

Life Coach Brooke Castillo talks about “the watcher.” If you can separate your real you – your spiritual self – from your circumstances (what’s going on around you), then you’ll have more success is controlling how you feel about those events. 

For example, I recently injured my left hand. It had to be in a brace and caused me enough pain that I couldn’t use it very well. Since I’m left-handed, this is kinda a nuisance.

One day at work when it was aching and throbbing, I pictured myself as separate from my body. As “the watcher” I saw my physical body experience that pain. But it wasn’t really happening to me. I’m separate from that body because I’m a spiritual being. 

Looking at it that way lessened the intensity. Not that it took the pain away entirely or even at all. What it changed was the way I looked at my pain, the way I felt my pain. It made it much easier to cope with.

And you can do this, too. 

Remember that you are the watcher. We are not our bodies. We are able to undergo pain and emotional trauma and survive because we are not that pain. We experience that pain or trauma and then it is over. Or maybe it damages us physically. But it never touches us spiritually – it can’t. 

So when you are unhappy or experiencing an emotion you don’t like, remember that you are the watcher. You are separate – at least part of you is – from your body. 

You can choose what thoughts you want to have. And those thoughts then dictate your feelings. So you can choose to feel happy no matter what. No one can control or change your thoughts or feelings unless you let them. 

Maya Angelou experienced horrific abuse during her childhood, but chose to become a wise and brilliant poet and an inspiration to so many of us. She chose. It’s a choice.

So choose. Choose the emotion that makes you feel better. Choose happy.

Now I’m sharing from my second eBook in the series:

From chapter 5:

“We are all here to create, and that act of creation brings us such joy. Elation. Ecstasy, even. We have all had the pleasure of looking upon something we’ve created and feeling pride in it. Whether it was a hand built birdhouse, a painting, a poem, or even a child.

The act of creation is what we do. As The Secret’s Rhonda Byrnes so wisely says, “If you are thinking, you are creating.” We don’t have to work hard to do this, we are automatically doing this. Every second. We are co-creating our lives with the Universe.

This truth makes some nervous. They feel their lives are subpar and wonder if they’re to blame. If this is you, don’t blame yourself. I felt bad about this, too, at first. Before you became conscious of what you were creating, you couldn’t do anything about it. You didn’t know how life worked. 

The fabulous thing about learning about the LOA is that we gain understanding about our own power. And once we start to understand it, we can begin to wield it.”

How To Let Feelings Be Your Friends

The thing about our emotions is that we choose them. I recently had someone tell me her impatience isn’t a choice, it’s just who she is. 

This is interesting. If she isn’t choosing to be patient or impatient, then who is? Patience is about responding to your current circumstances with either grace (patience – and often something we find very difficult to do, I know) or frustration and the need to rush (impatience). 

Patience is something we can practice. 

Let’s say you’re in a store waiting behind an elderly person with a cane. When she gets to the register, she then proceeds to slowly pull out a checkbook – even though every bank account now comes with a debit card – and even more slowly writes a check. 

You watch her. She writes with awkward arthritic fingers that take a long time fill out her information. It’s excruciatingly slow. When she’s finally finished, the cashier asks for her ID. 

She has a massive purse and though she digs and digs, she can’t seem to find it. You huff under your breath. Why do these things always seem to happen to you? 

Many get frustrated and impatient under these circumstances. But why? Does feeling that way help the elderly lady to write or move faster? Does it get you further down the line? 


So it is helpful to be impatient? 

I think the answer is pretty clear. 

Our thoughts are under our control. So rather than feeling frustrated by this lady’s writing speed, maybe we can take a deep breath and focus on something else. 

Go to another cashier, or step away and look around for a couple minutes more. Usually whatever we are rushing around for isn’t a life or death situation anyway. 

Before we learn about a teaching like the Law of Attraction, we don’t realize that our emotions create our reality. Afterwards, though, we have to take responsibility for them. 

The woman who said her impatience wasn’t a choice is choosing to avoid taking responsibility for her feelings. But doing that is disempowering. 

I’m not saying you should beat yourself up for a decision that may have given you an outcome you didn’t want.

Be gentle with yourself in all things. Blame is not helpful and neither is feeling guilty. 

But what is helpful is taking responsibility for how you feel. I’m sharing this because being impatient is a choice, just like being patient is a choice. It may not be easy to be patient, but you can do it. That’s what self growth and personal development are all about. 

I’m sharing this because the more you learn to control what you think and feel, the more you’ll grow. The more understanding you’ll have. 

Then, when you choose to feel something, you’ll choose to feel good or happy or even elated. 

And isn’t that the whole point anyway? 

Did this podcast help you today? Do you have questions? If so, please comment or leave a review. I’d love to hear from you! 

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