Skinnier: The Key to PERMANENT Weight Loss Podcast 5

Skinnier: The Key to PERMANENT Weight Loss Podcast 5

Skinnier: The Key to Permanent Weight Loss

As someone who has gotten much skinnier than I used to be over the past year and a half, I frequently get asked the following question:

How’d you do it? 

And if I wanted to be overly dramatic, I could tell you about my tearful visit to the nutritionist’s office after my diagnosis of type two diabetes.

I could sing the virtues that anyone who has tried to get skinnier knows about already – diet and exercise.

I could talk about how I walk or jog everyday.

I could talk about the changes I’ve made in my carbohydrate intake, in my decrease in the amount of food I eat, or about how I generally stop eating at 7pm every night.

I could.

We could talk about increasing your vegetable consumption and lowering the amount of processed foods you eat.

But that’s really not what this podcast is going to be about.


Because none of those things are the key.

None of those things will work long term if you don’t know the true key to permanent weight loss.

So what is this magical key I keep mentioning?

It’s something both simple and yet profound.

It’s something you may have heard before but either ignored or maybe even scoffed at as being too nambi pambi or airy faerie.

Wanna know what it is?

The key to getting skinnier in a truly permanent way is to love yourself enough to do what your body needs you to do. 

If you just rolled your eyes, I understand.

I spent over two decades ignoring all the fitness and dieting advice that was always freely available anywhere I looked.

I watched people like Richard Simmons and Oprah lose weight and change their bodies and thought, I can’t do that.

They’re rich and I’m not.

They can afford to hire professional chefs unlike me.

They have time to exercise and I don’t.

Have you ever thought that?

Have you looked at someone else’s success at getting skinnier and come up with lots of reasons why you can’t do what they did?

Or did you try the Sweating with the Oldies workouts or the dietary changes Oprah made without experiencing the same level of skinniness?

Or maybe it worked… For a while.

But over time, you stopped working out. You stopped dieting. 

And all that weight came right back.

I can soooo relate. 

This is where that key comes in.

Because the answer to getting permanently skinnier isn’t following a specific diet or meal plan alone.

The answer also isn’t working out at home, joining a gym or a Zumba or Jazzercise class alone.

All those things are awesome. 

But if you haven’t learned how to love yourself – how to love the body you’re living in right this second – then no amount of exercise or dieting will change your body for good.

And that’s what you really want, right?

You want to get skinnier not just for a day or two. 

You want to get skinnier forever.

You want to be able to get out of the clothing size you currently have, whether that’s plus size or not.

You want to feel beautiful, fit and – dare I say it – sexy.

More importantly, you want to feel better.

You want to be healthy.

You want to feel good about how you look and how you feel.

You may have tried diets before.

You may have tried exercising before.

You may even have thought about a surgical option.

You may have health problems like I had – high blood pressure, high blood sugar and diabetes.

Some of you may have high cholesterol or other weight related issues.

But as someone who has learned how to get skinnier permanently, I can tell you that you can do it, too.

And loving yourself is absolutely the key to that.

If you learn to love yourself, you’ll learn to listen to your body’s hunger level and do more of what feels good and less of what feels shitty crappy. 

You’ll eat less sweets, not because they’re forbidden, but because you realize you feel kinda yucky after. 

Master Life Coach Brooke Castillo advises her clients to imagine how they’ll feel after they eat whatever food they’re considering in the moment.

And this works, too.

Maybe eating that second serving of cake will taste really amazing while you’re eating it, but afterwards, you’ll feel unmotivated and lethargic due to all that sugar.

Or maybe sweets aren’t your thing. 

Maybe your thing is to eat huge portions or several helpings. 

Maybe you find that you’re constantly eating throughout the day and right up till the moment you go to bed.

Maybe everything you eat is fast food or junk food.

Do you wake up in the morning feeling tired or sluggish every day?

Do you hurt all the time?

Do you not have the energy to do what you really want to be doing?

This could all be food related.

But whether what’s going on with you is food related or not, if you’re overweight, the only way to get permanently skinnier is to love yourself.

When you love yourself you won’t want to overeat because you know it’ll make you feel shitty crappy if you do. 

When you love yourself you’ll want to do more of what feels good. And here are a few things that feel good:

  • Not having heartburn 
  • Not feeling bloated 
  • Having more energy
  • Wanting to go walking
  • Not breaking out into a sweat because you did one thing (like carry a basket of laundry) from the laundry room to your bedroom 
  • Watching your waist or hips it whole body get skinnier
  • Having your old clothes literally fall off of you

So maybe all those things I just said really appeal to you, but you don’t know HOW to begin the whole “love yourself” thing.

Let me offer you a couple of processes that’ll help you.

The Mirror Exercise 

If you listened to my old podcast or are a fan of personal development, you may have heard of this or something similar.

Go look yourself right in the eye in your bathroom or bedroom mirror. As you do, say the words, “I love you.”

Add your name to the end of that, too. So when I say it, I say, “I love you, Jeannie.”

It may feel awkward or even uncomfortable at first, but your assignment is to do this when you first wake up and right before you go to bed.

Keep doing this and you will eventually notice a change.

On to exercise two.


I’m willing to bet that if you’re wanting to get skinnier, you’re not a huge fan of how your body looks right now. 

Try looking at an aspect of your body that is less than perfect and say, “You are beautiful.”

It may be your stomach, arms, thighs or any other part you’re less than satisfied with.

How did that feel?

Did calling that part of yourself beautiful feel yucky or like an outright lie?

If it did, don’t worry. This is totally fixable!

Look at that same part and instead of saying, “You are beautiful,” say “You are mine.”

That felt different, didn’t it?

That’s because you know it’s the truth.

Now if you feel bad about that part of yourself being flawed or overweight (or even hate it), purposely forgive yourself for those feelings.

Say, “This is my stomach/thigh/arm, etc., it’s mine, and I forgive myself for hating it.”

Now this may feel odd or upsetting, and that’s normal. 

I personally shed a lot of tears as I learned to love my big belly, flabby arms, huge butt and thighs that stuck together. 

But going through this is SO worth it!

What you’re doing is healing old wounds, whether you inflicted them on yourself or someone else inflicted them.

Be patient and kind to yourself during this process. 

Understand that it’s not gonna happen overnight.

But it will happen if you continue to go through this process.

The amazing thing is how healing, forgiving and loving yourself will seep over into other parts of your life.

Yes, you’ll change the way you eat and treat your body – you’ll start to get skinnier – but you’ll also see other positive things appear, as well.

Things like great self confidence and less anger and fear.

You’ll find yourself less willing to put up with negative things and you’ll find yourself growing braver and more compassionate.

The best thing about learning to love yourself isn’t just that you get skinnier.

It’s that you’ll then allow yourself to get better as a person. 

Because when you’re kinder to yourself, you’ll automatically be kinder to others. 

When you love yourself more, you’ll love others more, too.

It’s one of those Universal Laws called Cause and Effect.

I sincerely hope this helps you today. 


If you’d like more information or more individualized help with your weight loss journey, go to 

Published by Jeannie

After exploring personal development, spirituality, and law of attraction over the past few years, I've discovered my life can be filled with much more joy. I'm now bringing that joy to you, so you can follow your dreams like I'm following mine. I'm writing in my jammies for a living and for fun! What's your dream? And how can I help you achieve it?

3 Comments to “Skinnier: The Key to PERMANENT Weight Loss Podcast 5”

  1. Wisdom Jeannie, wisdom my friend. All sweet things flow from self-love. All problems in life flow from self-loathing. If you treat you with love, you will take care of your body and mind and finances. Point blank. I am not a fitness or workout nut. I just do yoga and work out daily because I love me, in a harmonious way. Congrats on your rocking weight loss!


    1. Jeannie says:

      Thank you so much, Ryan! A few years ago, I never would’ve imagined it possible to loss over fifty pounds. Learning to love myself and make my health a priority has been the absolute key in this process. And now I hope to share what I’ve learned with others. It feels so good to contribute and to manifest success in this area. Thanks again!


    2. Jeannie says:

      Thank you so much, Ryan! A few years ago, I never would’ve imagined it possible to lose over fifty pounds. Learning to love myself and make my health a priority has been the absolute key in this process. And now I hope to share what I’ve learned with others. It feels so good to contribute and to manifest success in this area. Thanks again!


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