Strength Guided Meditation: Podcast 32

Strength Guided Meditation: Podcast 32

Strength: A Morning Meditation 

Hi and welcome to this Serene Saturday presentation on strength.

This guided meditation is intended to be listened to in the morning before you start your day. 

Abraham, in particular, advises us to set a positive intention for our day after clearing our minds of negativity and resistance. This strength meditation is intended for this exact purpose. 

Be sure to listen to this meditation for strength in a place where you can safely close your eyes and give it your full attention. 

For the best results, listen to this before you start your daily activities. 


Let’s begin…

Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes

Imagine that you’re floating above your body, looking down at yourself as you lie or sit there below

You see yourself reclining in comfort, and know you are not your body

You are much, much more than your body 

And as you realize this, you – a being of pure light and spirit – begins to float higher and higher

You drift through and past wherever your body is and drift upwards towards the sky

As you do, you see the landscape surrounding you 

You see where it is you live and focus on the beauty of the details

The colors and textures, the sounds and the smells, the way the atmosphere tastes on your tongue

Then, filled with a desire to explore, you go higher still

A sense of new energy ripples over you, and you’re seized with a need to fly, to speed through the air just for the sheer hell of it

For the sheer joy and fun of it

And you do

You take off like a superhero, shooting across the sky like a meteor

For a while, you zip around, feeling the wind rushing through your hair, feeling your strength growing within you

Soon you’re whipping through clouds and past continents, seeing ocean and deserts, grasslands and mountains 

And you feel connected to it all; it’s all a part of you

The strength of the hills, boulders, bedrock and trees is your strength

The strength of the winding river rapids and crashing ocean waves is also your strength

The quieter strength of the blades of grass erupting effortlessly out of  the soil, the strength of the flowers blooming in glorious profusion is your strength, too

You are connected to all of these things, you ARE all of these things

You start to remember certain episodes from your past, times when you suffered and worked hard – only to fail

But now you see those memories in a different light

You start to see those past events as lessons

Because the truth is nothing is  ever really wasted, nothing is ever really a failure

Because you gain knowledge and experience from it; you gained wisdom from these things 

You gained compassion and strength from these things

And now you see that the grass growing without strain or effort is the best way to approach your life

You don’t have to force anything 

You can simply remember that you are connected to a bigger whole 

That you are an energy field operating within a larger energy field 

You can quiet your mind and connect to the elements of the earth, the same elements which you are made of

You can listen to your intuition, to the nudges and inclinations you feel when your mind is still and your body at peace 

Those nudges, which will always feel right and good to you, will guide you along your path 

And you will feel the strength of your convictions shedding light based on your own emotions 

When you come to a crossroads, you’ll come back to this place of calmness and strength 

You’ll make your decision in this safe space, feeling your way based on which direction feels lighter, on which way feels the most fun

A sense of serene resolution fills you now

You no longer feel scared or confused about any aspect of your life because you know the answers lie here in this wonderful place

You stay for a few moments, feeling  more and more surety and strength vibrating along your entire form 

Then you take another breath and begin the process of returning to your body

You know all this peace, certainty and strength will remain with you throughout your day today, making you feel more worthy, more self-confident, and happier than you’ve ever felt 

You now have a deep sense of clarity about your life and the decisions you’ll be making as you move forward towards your dreams

Slowly, you descend back to the place where your body resides

You reconnect with it, feeling so grateful for everything you just experienced

You wiggle your fingers and toes, you turn your head gently from side to side and take another breath as your body and spirit again become one

And feeling strong and confident about all your future endeavors, you open you eyes

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