Tenacity Equals Repetition: Podcast 14

Tenacity = Repetition 

Achieving any success comes from making goals. But to keep those goals we have to have tenacity – stubbornness about going forward. 

That’s why repetition is so important – we have to choose over and over again to make the decision to keep following our dreams instead of giving up.

It’s lots of little steps every day that ultimately lead to us reaching our goals.

Let’s say you have a goal of losing 20 pounds. You’ll need to stay aware of your activity, what you’re eating and how much. You’ll want to get in a habit of being aware of how much exercise you’re willing to commit to – even if it’s just ten leg lifts as you sit on your couch. 

In my case, exercise used to be something I thought of as… well… icky. It made me hot and sore. It left me all sweaty… Eww.

So when I discovered my decades of obesity had actually turned me into a bona fide diabetic… I decided to take my weight seriously. Or to put a finer point on this, I decided to finally lose the weight for good.

I was scared. I’d never successfully lost all the weight before. I went to a dietician. Who was a godsend, by the way. She’s the one who let me know losing weight and being diabetic didn’t mean my life (and ever eating dessert again) was over. All I had to do was make a few – very doable – changes.

Again, small steps. Instead of having two helpings, I had one. Instead of having a giant bowl of ice cream, I opted for some delicious sugar free popsicles. (Only four carbs each!)

I realized losing weight was possible for me. I didn’t realize it then, but I was beginning to change my mindset about losing weight. After losing twenty pounds, I wanted to get up and move more. I’m not talking Riverdance or anything, but I didn’t want to be a couch potato anymore.

I began to walk. At first, it was just a half mile. Then, I started to aim for a full mile. When that became easy, I began doing 1.5 miles. And now, I love doing two or more.

Baby stepping.

A little bit and then a little bit more. If I can do that, anyone can.

At my highest weight, I was 233 pounds. People I worked with noticed I sweated after even minor exertion and became out of breath. I didn’t realize how big I really was until I looked at pictures. Like this one, for example.

Size = 3X


This one is after losing 43 pounds. And boy, do I feel better. I’m much healthier overall now, too.

Much better.


With any goal it’s important to keep that goal front and center in your daily life. If you want to start a business, you need to have several small goals each day of what you’re working on. For example, if you’re an author, you probably have a word count or page goal. Or maybe you choose one day of the week to focus on marketing and social media, one day to create and send out a blog or newsletter, two days to rough draft or plan, and one day to edit. Or you may do a little of all of those things everyday. 

By taking small, relatively easy steps every day toward our goal, it’s much less likely that we’ll get overwhelmed.

So many writers have a hard time making progress because they start with a huge goal and never break it down into manageable steps.  A writer may have a goal of writing a 75,000 to 100,000 word novel, but she would need to start with a writing goal of somewhere between a paragraph to 2,000 words to begin with – especially if this is your first writing project. 

If you are self employed or want to be, you’ll need to have a plan of how your days will go. Schedule times for work, but also schedule your lunch break, and what you want to accomplish that specific day. Life coach Brooke Castillo says to get up, get dressed and follow a daily plan just like you would if you were going to a day job – building that tenacity and those habits and routines will help you feel safe and will keep your tasks feeling doable rather than impossible. 

Speaking of doable, I have now developed a special program for writers. If you are a writer who has lost your creative spark, my new 6 week Rejuvenation for Writers life coaching program will help you get to the root of your writing woes. This course will break down what’s causing your lack of inspiration, and once we’ve discovered that cause, I’ll provide you with the solutions that enable you to not only get your writing juices flowing again, you’ll have all the tools necessary to finish this novel and any other writing project you dream up in the future. It will require some tenacity, but if you’re stubborn like me, that should be no problem. 🙂

And what did I say about repetition?

Oh, yeah…

Tenacity = Repetition



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