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After enjoying Jeannie Hall’s podcasts, I decided to contact her for help with my inability to finish a writing project. I couldn’t be happier with my decision!

Jeannie’s insights and suggestions for my writing were so intelligent and so amazing.

When I completed the Rejuvenation for Writers package, I signed up for her Spiritual Empowerment package. I never understood the Law of Attraction but with Jeannie’s help, I am beginning to use the LOA to improve my life in so many areas.

I highly recommend her services!

Cathy Faggiano – coaching client

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I really love Mrs. Hall’s voice – both hearing the soothing quality in it and feeling the confidence and comfort that she exudes. She really understands on a basic level, that so many of us miss (myself included), where the root of “writer’s block” really begins. Her formula THOUGHTS cause our FEELINGS which lead to our ACTIONS/INACTIONS which create our RESULTS is so true. It was like a lightbulb went off in my head. I love the quick 2 minute exercise in which we list the struggles we feel that we have as writers. It’s an excellent tool to really bring the THOUGHTS formula home, so that we can examine where our true struggles lie and begin to plan their defeat and take back our writing.

Angela Hayes – review of online Udemy class “Creative Strategies to Inspire Your Writing Muse”

I’m only partway through, but I like the way the course starts with the importance of overcoming emotional blocks, negative self talk, and repositioning yourself into a positive place even before the writing inspiration section begins. I also appreciate that Jeannie explains the foundations of the EFT technique, which I had never heard before but shifts the practice from woo-woo-land into physiology and psychology.

I like the presentation as well. Jeannie speaks calmly, which I find far more effective for learning than hype and volume that I often see in online courses, and is a really effective teacher. She doesn’t distract with whizbang powerpoint slides, but uses a whiteboard to anchor the content whilst addressing the camera directly, making it feel like a proper class and not just a presentation. Video segments are short enough to provide bite sized chunks of information, and long enough to explain things clearly. Handouts are provided only when needed, which I appreciate because I’ve seen too many courses shower you with unnecessary and unhelpful handouts – these ones are relevant and support the point being addressed.

If you’re struggling to get momentum on your writing, this could be the course for you.

Melinda Stanners – review of online Udemy class “Creative Strategies to Inspire Your Writing Muse”

I’m at the very beginning of the course but, so far, I am loving it! The instructor is very likable and explains things well.

Cathy Faggiano – review of online Udemy class “Comprehensive Strategies to Inspire Your Writing Muse”

Check out Jeannie’s online course at Udemy.com

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