Thoughts: Podcast 012


Your thoughts become your reality, so it’s really important to pay attention to those thoughts.

One way to change our thoughts is by using Certified Master Coach and trainer Brooke Castillo’s coaching model. Check it out below:

C – circumstances 

T – thoughts 

F – feelings 

A – actions

R – results 

Start with self talk. Keep what you’re saying to yourself kind, loving, and positive.

What do you believe? How can you change negative beliefs?

Take baby steps. Make that sentence in your head both positive and believable. 


Example 1: 

My business isn’t doing as well as I want.

What are the circumstances?

How can you change that thought and make it positive? How about “My business is doing great!”

But maybe it’s not doing great. Maybe you have no clients or customers and $40 in the bank. How can we make it both positive and believable? “I believe I can make money with my business.”

Maybe come up with an amount. “I believe I can sell x number of books.” Or… “I believe I can draw attention to my books.” 

Let’s do another…

 Example 2: 

Your mind’s telling you you’ll never find the significant other of your dreams. 

What are the circumstances? You are not in a relationship right now. 

How do you feel about that? Crappy. Lonely. Sad. Depressed. Which feels the most true?

Now, what actions have you been taking because of the way you feel? Will you date anyone who asks you out, even if they’re not a good fit?

What result will that bring you? Probably a relationship that ends quickly or is unhappy because you’re not a good match. 

What can you change your thought to? How can you change your feelings of loneliness? 

How bout, “I am worthy of true love.” Or… “I believe it is possible to find my soul mate.” 

Maybe you’re a writer who is having trouble finishing your novel. 

Example 3:

What is your thought? I can’t figure out a good ending. 

Circumstances- maybe you’re working a day job or taking care of your kids all day. Maybe you’re giving all your energy to something else and have no creative energy left over to design an ending you’ll be happy with. 

If you feel tired, you probably need to take better care of yourself. Get a babysitter or take some time off. 

Change your thought to I can figure out this ending. You’ll feel better, which will make you inspired to write more, which will ultimately bring you the result you want which is a completed novel.


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