Trust Guided Meditation

Trust Guided Meditation

Trust Meditation 

Trust Guided Meditation

Recline into a supine position, lying down face up

Take a long deliberate breath, and focus on your body

Turn your head from side to side several times to begin the relaxation process 

When you are ready, gently close your eyes

Wiggle your toes and ankles, wrists and fingers, relaxing even more

Wiggle your back against the surface you’re lying on, making certain you are as comfortable as possible

Take another breath, and another, breathing deep into your diaphragm

Inhale happiness and peace, hold for three seconds, then exhale, releasing any remaining negativity, anxiousness or tension 

Imagine that you are walking sedately through a beautiful flowering garden

You are barefoot and your feet delight in the feeling of the rich green grass under your heels  

There are blooms of every color surrounding you and you reach out and touch a few as you stroll past, feeling the soft dewy petals

You breathe in and welcome the divine fragrance of all these luscious blooms as they fill your senses

You continue through the garden until you reach the base of a massive magnolia tree

The tree’s big waxy leaves and huge ivory blooms jut up into the sky seemingly endless 

Without a thought, you start to climb the perfectly spaced branches

The climbing is easy and fun and you keep going until you no longer see the ground

But this doesn’t bother you at all

You feel this innate sense of safety and trust

You know you cannot fall

You climb and climb and once you reach the highest branches, you jump, moving weightlessly upward

You drift into the sky like a hot air balloon going higher and higher

As you soar upward, you glance down

You see your flower garden beneath you growing more and more distant, but the fresh aromas stay with you

You are flying now, up and up and up with absolutely no fear of falling

As the land below you changes to show vast swaths of green and brown and blue, you realize you are now in orbit around the earth

The world is a beautiful globe below, magnificent and awe inspiring 

You float here feeling secure and perfectly at peace

In the distance, you see the light of the sun

It feels warm and pleasant to you, and from it you see a ray of light span out like a lighthouse beacon 

It swings toward you, and soon you are enveloped in its pure comforting light

In this light you feel divinity, you feel security, you feel trust, and you feel protected

You know this light is filling you with joy, love and the purest and most magnificent abundance 

You feel any anxiety, impatience, blocks or resistance melt completely away as you float there, fully supported by all that is good

It feels extraordinary, and you realize this must be what heaven is like

After several moments, you feel yourself descending carefully back towards the earth

The beam of light is still enveloping you, carrying you the entire way

Eventually, it sets your feet back on the grass of your garden

The light is still holding you, and you look up into it, filled with an overwhelming gratitude

Tears prick eyes, but they are in appreciation of the love you are connected to

You are so, so grateful 

The light slowly fades, but the love and support you felt from the light are still with you

That love and support sinks down into your heart, and you trust it’ll never leave you

You trust every good thing is coming to you automatically 

You understand that you can trust your intuition to guide you, that you’ll know exactly when to take inspired action to make your every dream come true

This understanding fills you with a jubilant serenity 

You know any time you get busy with life and forget, you can look into your heart and find that guidance and love emanating its miraculous strength within you

You are returning to your body now

You can feel your toes and fingers and your back pressed against what you’re lying on

You take one last deep breath, memorizing that incredible feeling of love and support

And when you are ready, you open your eyes


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