The Truth About You Guided Meditation: Podcast 20

The Truth About You Guided Meditation: Podcast 20

Truth about you meditation

Published by Jeannie

After exploring personal development, spirituality, and law of attraction over the past few years, I've discovered my life can be filled with much more joy. I'm now bringing that joy to you, so you can follow your dreams like I'm following mine. I'm writing in my jammies for a living and for fun! What's your dream? And how can I help you achieve it?

2 Comments to “The Truth About You Guided Meditation: Podcast 20”

  1. Love these guided meditations Jeannie! Awesome way to connect with your higher self because meditating sans guide often leads to some difficult mind wandering sessions, the mind running away and not returning for a minute LOL.

    1. Jeannie says:

      LOL, Ryan! That’s the main reason I listen to guided meditations myself and was inspired to create some, I think – because my mind loves to distract me! So glad you like them!


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