Anger Management Visualization: Podcast 44

Anger Management Visualization: Podcast 44

Visualization for Anger Management

Today’s Serene Saturday includes an Anger Management Visualization.

If you listened to podcast 43 about anger, you’ll remember that I discussed both it’s pitfalls and it’s advantages.

Anger is one of our emotions that can be a two-edged sword.

It can be a motivator in our lives, something that gets us up and moving.

Say, for example, you’re irritated and sick of looking at your messy storage area. Being annoyed and mildly angry at the mess might mobilize you to do something about it.

You may have been putting off a writing project by procrastinating – you do your laundry and dishes instead of sitting down with your laptop.

Then, mad at yourself, you go and focus on what you’re writing and write more than you have in a long time.

Anger is neutral, just like all emotions are.

We tend to judge them as good or bad, positive or negative.

But really, the only thing that is positive or negative is the actions we take after feeling them.

If anger gives you the energy to get out of bed and get a bunch of stuff done, then it can’t really be considered bad.

If, on the other hand, anger makes you yell at your kids or smack someone…

That’s something altogether different with negative consequences.

Of course, you don’t have to act on any emotion, including anger.

But uncontrolled anger can lead to everything from ulcers – when internalized – to violence.

It can block your creativity and create health problems over the long term.

This is why I’ve created a visualization to calm you when anger shows up.

Please listen only when safe to do so.

Visualization for Anger Management

Let’s begin:

Start with your breathing.

We want your breaths long and deep.

Inhale, counting to four, then exhale, counting to four.

Again, breathe in for four counts and out for four counts.

Close your eyes as you continue your deep breathing.

Take both of your hands and find the divot in your clavicle or collarbone.

With your two index fingers, draw an inch long line down from the divot.

Now, draw two lines going outward towards each shoulder until you find the two spots on your chest that sink in just a little – these spots may be just a bit tender.

Once there, gently tap on these two spots simultaneously.

Tap steadily in a rapid rhythm.

Let your breath fall into a more natural pace as you continue to tap on your chest.

Keep tapping as you imagine yourself on an inner tube floating along a twisting, winding river.

The current brings you along, you feel the momentum pulling you through the water.

At first, you move quickly, the current is fast.

All you can see of the riverbanks is a blurry band of green as it all zooms by.

After a moment, though, the river bends and widens out.

You slow and everything comes into sharp focus.

The trees, willow and pine, maple and cedar line the river.

You can clearly see every branch and leaf, you can make out the shape of each separate pine cone.

You drop your hands and stop tapping on your chest as you realize that you are calmer now.

You are in control of how you feel, and you want to feel peaceful, so you do.

The sun is shining overhead, highlighting the white puffy clouds in the bright blue sky.

Birds fly, fluttering and chirping and the gurgle of the river sounds soft and relaxing.

Your body relaxes on the inner tube, your muscles releasing all their tension as your take another deep breath.

You inhale, breathing in the sensation of calmness and control.

Then you exhale, releasing any last vestiges of tightness.

You are completely relaxed now, body and soul.

With another slow breath, you realize how much power you have.

You are strong.

You are proud of your ability to master your emotions.

You are a badass.

Next time you’re tempted to beat yourself up or put yourself down, think of this moment.

Think of this time that you took back your power and your control.

Own it.

Love that about yourself.

And feeling really good now, open your eyes.

I hope this visualization reminded you of your own inner strength and divinity.

You are always supported no matter what.

Come back to this visualization any time you need to.

Or check out my other meditations on my meditation page.

Thank you for listening.

And as always, have an empowered day, week, month and year!


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2 Comments to “Anger Management Visualization: Podcast 44”

  1. Love it Jeannie! Anger really is neutral. Folks get all caught up in judging feelings, labeling good and bad, and forget that feelings are just feelings. No big deal. Even if the feelings create intense sensations, no big deal.This takes down the energies a few notches. Rocking post!


    1. Jeannie says:

      This is something it took me a while to understand, Ryan, but once I did, it was a game changer. I think a big part of why people have difficulty changing in the way they really want is because they’re afraid to explore those deeper emotions, but of course, doing that is essential to long term growth. Thanks so much for adding your energy to my blog!
      🙂 Jeannie

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