We are ALL beautiful

As a self love coach, I am always looking for great examples of self love in books, movies, TV shows, and real life. 

Courtesy TheBlast.com Netflix

One great example can be found on Netflix right now—a little film called Dumplin’. 

Dumplin’ is about a plus size teenage girl (played by Danielle Macdonald) who learns to define what beauty and self love really mean. 

Her mom, a former beauty pageant winner (played by Jennifer Aniston) follows her own journey in the film. 

It’s based on the book by Julie Murphy, features the music of the amazing Dolly Pardon, and it’s one of those heartwarming, feel-good movies I happily recommend to anyone needing a pick-me-up.

My favorite thing about it is watching the main characters realize what society says is beautiful and what beauty actually is are often two very different things. 

Long story short, we are ALL beautiful. 

We all have gifts and talents.

We all have gorgeous traits to share with the world.

And realizing that is what self love is all about. 

❤️ Jeannie

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