Know Your Why: Podcast 39

Know Your Why: Podcast 39

Know Your Why


One of the reasons creative people feel the need to create is because they have a why.

Why they need to create.

If you’re a writer, you may feel compelled to be a storyteller.

It may be how you express yourself, how you like to be seen in the world.

You get to make something out of nothing and that feels magical. 

When you tell your story, you also pour much of yourself into it.

Your characters are probably similar to someone you know or would like to know – or in the case of a villain, maybe they’re someone you’d like to get revenge on. 

Your settings and your world likely come from your life experience, places where you’ve lived or visited.

You may have something happen in your story that actually did happen to you or someone you know. 

So why do we do this?

Why do we create in this way?

It may be that you write about a character who is strong and stands up for people because you personally were subjected to bullying.

You may recreate a specific room or building because it reminds you of your grandma’s house when you were little.

The villain in your novel may be eerily similar to an abusive adult in your life or a teacher you hated in school or even an old ex.

Telling stories is sometimes our way of working out pain in our lives, it’s an attempt – even if we don’t realize it – at catharsis and healing.

Or maybe your writing goes off on a different tangent. 

Maybe yours is all about escapism and fun.

Maybe your characters travel to wild and uncharted places having one crazy adventure after another.


Well, it could just be that you consider that kind of writing to be fun.

But it may be that you aren’t enjoying your real life as much as you’d like to. 

Maybe writing about those adventures is the only way you feel like you’ll ever get to travel. 

Maybe you believe living that kind of life for real is impossible for you.

So herein lies the deeper question: Why do you write?

Why do you create?

Even if you’re not a writer, you are the creator of your life.

So what have you created so far?

And why have you created it?

Or do you feel like you aren’t creating anything?

Do you feel stuck?




We are all natural creators, but if we feel like we’re not, if we feel like we can’t create, everything becomes difficult and feels out of our control. 

Again, it all comes back to the why.

Often, we create because we like to.

We like how we feel when we create and everything is flowing along easily.

We like the safety and security of controlling our characters and what happens to them.

We like that we can make the bad guys lose and the good guys win.

It feels good.

It may even give us hope.

If we can create a world in a story – whether it’s a book, a play, a tv show, a movie, a painting, etc. – where everything always works out in the best possible way imaginable, then why wouldn’t we create it?

We like feeling happy. 

We like justice and fair play.

We like it when star-crossed lovers meet and fall in love.

We like it when a horrible challenge rears its ugly head so the hero or heroine can still triumph and kick its ass.

We love that! 

When we focus on creating a world we’d like to live in, that usually means others like it, too.

They become inspired by our version of the world. 

They receive joy from reading it, just like you received joy in writing it.

So if you’ve been struggling to write, to solve a plot problem or to figure out your missing beginning, middle or end, think back.

Think back to the time when you wrote for the joy of it.

Or maybe like me, remember how good it felt to exorcize your own personal demons through writing.

Through creating something that didn’t exist before you created it.

Your life is the same.

You create it day by day, decision by decision.

So decide.

What is your why?

Really think about it.

Clarity about creating and clarity in your life is a very powerful thing.

Understanding your reason why will help you create more of what you want going forward. 

So share with me, what’s your why?

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