Your Own Worst Enemy: Podcast 18

Your Own Worst Enemy: Podcast 18

Our own worst enemies 

Why we are our own worst enemies 

What is up with those evil little minds of ours?

Have you ever had someone be late for a meeting or date – or maybe your significant other is late getting home for dinner – and your mind immediately gives you the worst possible scenario? 

Like If someone is late for your date, you immediately assume they stood you up.

Or if your significant other is late, you immediately think, they are being disrespectful of our family obligations or even wonder if they’re doing something behind our back, when really they just got tied up at work.

I was inspired to share this with all you lovely listeners out there because I recently fell prey to this myself.

I expected to hear back from a family member and when I didn’t, my mind just spiraled with all these crazy scenarios like:

  • Don’t they want to go to lunch?
    • They’re the one who said we should get together!
  • Do they not care about the limited time I have available?
  • And even, what if they’re upside down in a ditch somewhere?

I also had someone hire me, then not stay in contact. 

When a couple weeks went by with no contact, my mind decided to spin this nasty web of:

  • I thought I connected with this person, but maybe I didn’t
  • Maybe that person didn’t like what I said, even though I thought they did
  • Maybe I’m not good enough, smart enough, worthy enough, etc. etc. etc.

See, even us coaches get plagued by doubt sometimes. 

So why do our minds do this to us?

Why do we become our own worst enemies?

You have to remember our minds were developed in a time when survival of the fittest was very much in effect.

It was eat or be eaten, kill or be killed.

It was also a time where so many decisions could lead to death.

Going outside at the wrong time might mean a bear ate you, or a tiger. 

Crossing a field without being wary enough might mean being exposed to rampaging herd of buffalo or elephants or some other massive creature.

If wandering off the trail a little can actually lead to a quick and unexpected end, well…

It’s no wonder our minds got in the habit of taking life a bit too seriously. 

So no matter what we’re faced with, whether it’s large or small, our minds cry out, “Oh God! We’re  gonna die!”

Or your friend didn’t call you back, so that can’t mean she just forgot, it means she must hate your guts now! (for some unknown reason)

Or your significant other didn’t say I love you before he hung up, so that must mean he’s mad at you.

Or your boss has been quieter with you than usual so that must mean you’re about to get fired.

Panic attack time! 

Next time this happens (or if it’s happening to you right now) try this technique:

Think of something positive and believable that you can say to yourself to keep your mind from becoming your enemy.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be specific to your situation, but it can be. 

For example, let’s say your friend didn’t call you back. 

What is the simplest and most reasonable explanation?

How about like I already said, she just forgot?

You could tell yourself, my friend loves me. We have a great friendship. 

Say it over and over. Make this your mantra.

Keep this friend at the forefront of your mind. 

She’ll probably call you soon after.

Let’s say you’re in a position like mine, and you’re working to get enough resources together to leave your day job.

Lately, I’ve been struggling with my position at this job. 

And I let my mind poison me with negative thoughts. 

I became my own worst enemy.

I got frustrated and stressed out at work, which I know is not the energy I want to send out.

Since I’m a strong believer in the Law of Attraction and the other Universal Laws, I know the Universe is a mirror.

And becoming my own worst enemy is only going to bring more of what I don’t want. 

So knowing I needed to focus on something good, I decided to be open to whatever way the Universe provides for me to leave.

It doesn’t have to be reaching a certain number of long term clients, though it could be. 

It doesn’t have to be that one or more of my books suddenly becomes a bestseller, though it could be.

It doesn’t have to be any one single thing.  

It could be something I haven’t even considered. 

It could be a sudden windfall from out of nowhere.

It could be an offer that leads to numerous other opportunities.

So I came up with a mantra: I believe opportunities are opening up for me everywhere!

Any time I find myself getting worried or upset at my work situation, I start saying my mantra to myself over and over. 

I believe opportunities are opening up for me everywhere!

I believe opportunities are opening up for me everywhere!

I believe opportunities are opening up for me everywhere!

And like Magic, I’m able to turn my negative thoughts and feelings into positive ones. 

Do you find yourself becoming your own worst enemy?

Try this technique and let me know how it goes.


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2 thoughts on “Your Own Worst Enemy: Podcast 18

  1. The mind is so funny Jeannie. It sees what is not there. Thru deep yin yoga I am opening up SO much more, seeing my mind and its colorings aka projections and realizing not one bit of it is true. At least stuff that is not love and harmony and wealth and abundance. Fun post!

    1. This one was inspired by my own difficulties, Ryan. I know I’m often my own worst enemy and figured others have had to deal with that, too. I’m so glad that love, harmony, wealth and abundance is the truth – not those nasty little things are minds bug us with!

      🙂 Jeannie

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