Worthiness: Podcast 35

Worthiness: Podcast 35


The concept of worthiness is a bit of a prickly pear. 

If you ask someone if they feel worthy of something – having a book published, love, romance, a promotion, money, etc., most of the time you’ll receive the immediate answer of “Yes!”

Yet even though many of us say we consider ourselves worthy of these things, our actions don’t always bare that out. 

For example, if you’re an author shopping your manuscript around and you keep getting rejected, many times you’ll make one of these terrible assumptions:

I’m not good enough. 

I’m not worthy of publication. 

Or even, 

I’m not meant to be a writer. 

It can happen in any area of your life. 

You want a partner who understands you, is compatible and will respect you, but you keep ending up with just the opposite. 

You want money and prosperity so you can live freely and enjoy life more, but you always end up with more bills and debts than incoming funds. 

You want that promotion at work but keep getting passed over because even though you work really hard, deep down you doubt yourself.

Worthiness issues can seep into so many different areas of our lives. 

It can keep us from saying yes when opportunities arise. 

It can keep us scared and backing away when what will make all the difference is to take that step forward. 

The core to our own worthiness issues is usually boiled down to one question:

Do you trust yourself? 

If you feel unsure and indecisive, than you don’t actually trust yourself. 

If you want something you’ve never actually had before, you have do things you’ve never done.

And what may then happen is your mind freaks out, telling you it’s impossible to get.

You may also believe others can accomplish their dreams and receive great things, but you can’t. 

These are all symptoms of worthiness issues. 

Sometimes an issue can be solved by educating yourself.

There are tons of resources out there for everything.

A simple google search will bring up lots of resources, much of which is free.

But most of us have already done that. 

We’ve learned what we needed to learn.

What’s holding us back is how we think about ourselves and our abilities. 

How we think about what we can offer the world.

Remember: our thoughts lead to our feelings which determine which actions we take.

Which actions we take – or avoid taking – will become our result.

So what kind of result are you getting in your life right now? 

Be willing to slow down and be brutally honest with yourself. 

Are you keeping success from finding you because you just keep doing the same ole, same ole? 

Are you dating the same kind of person over and over and feeling unsatisfied?

Do you sit down to write that book but end up getting up in frustration?

Do you work somewhere you hate or with people you can’t stand?

Do you keep worrying about your lack of money?

On Saturday, I’ll release a meditation with affirmations to help with your worthiness issues, but in the meantime, let’s do this.

Imagine where you want to be one year from today. 

If one year from today all your problems were solved, all your issues resolved, how would you feel?

Sit down with pen and paper, and at the top write five to ten emotions you want to feel.

Once you’ve written all these down, write down all the success you’ve achieved as if that year has already passed. 

For example, if your writer, you could write down, “My entire novel is completed, edited, and ready to go to my publisher.”

Or, “I’ve met the love of my life, and I know we’re in it for the long haul.”

Or, “I’m making five figures a month now.”

Imagine that it’s done. 

It’s already happened.

What emotion do you feel right now?

Is it one of the five or ten emotions you initially?

If so, great!

If not, look again at what you thought you wanted.

If it doesn’t give you what you wanted emotionally, you may not actually want that. 

It may be time to dive deep and figure out what will truly make you happy.

Because you deserve to be happy. 

Once you have the emotion(s) you want to feel clear in your mind, get another sheet of paper and write down all the wonderful things going right in your life as if it’s a year from today. 

Don’t worry about grammar or penmanship, just write down all the great stuff your life is now full of. 

Once you have at least a page full, stop and read over what you’ve written. 

After each item, say, “I appreciate that this is my life now so much!”

And feel that appreciation, really feel it.

Once you’ve done that with every item check in with yourself emotionally.

How do you feel?

It should be very positive.

Do this exercise every day for the next thirty days. 

Be open to the signs and intuitive nudges you feel as you go along. 

Need more individualized help? I’m here for you!


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