Writing Best Practices: Podcast 009

Writing Best Practices: Podcast 009


With a website called “Writing in your Jammies” it’s a little surprising that it’s taken me until now to do a podcast about the actual craft.

But hey, sometimes that how inspiration works.

If you’ve come to this blog or podcast, it’s probably because you’re either interested in writing or already are a writer.

And by the way, even if you’re not published, that doesn’t mean you’re not a writer. If you’ve sat down and either written or typed out at least three hundred words that make up one coherent whole – you’re a writer.

In this podcast, I discuss the different kinds of writing and the things I was told along my journey to publication… both true and untrue.

I discuss writing fiction, nonfiction, eBooks, blog posts, and podcast show notes.

Each kind of writing is a specialty and requires its own unique set of skills.

Creating fiction requires an ability to plot. It requires the use pacing and tension in the right places. And you’ll need a beginning, middle and end to your story. Traditional romance requires a happy ending – unless you’re not being traditional.

Nonfiction writing is completely different.

Nonfiction is intended less to entertain and more to inform. People who buy nonfiction are usually more interested in being educated about a subject or helped, rather than just getting lost in a great story.

Blog posts are a mix of the two.

You need to be both entertaining and educational. You need to inform but also provide content that holds your reader’s interest. Providing useful tips, links, and advice is a hallmark of blogs and podcasts.

Podcast show notes are written in the same vein as blog posts, and both blog posts and podcast notes typically need to get to the point.

With the exception of a hook to get your audience to listen to your podcast. For example, “How did I increase my subscribers from 2 to 2,000? Listen to find out.”

In this episode I mention:

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